Roast veggies!

megan242, May 30, 5:33am
How do you get realy nice roast veggies without them going soggy, dry or sticking to the dish, amd cooked through?

jessie981, May 30, 5:36am
I cut mine into reasonably small (bite size), toss in either chicken salt or coating, sprinkle with oil & cook in a dish which has been sprayed with non-stick coat.

babytears, May 30, 5:47am
I cut into chunks, parboil and then let dry out for a while... put in a bag with a bit of oil, parmessan cheese and tuscan seasoning and cook on a high heat 220 for 10 mins - they're damn good!

sophia4, Jun 19, 6:56pm
I've been having success lately with kumara wedges sprayed with oil and cooked on baking paper.

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