Butterscotch or Caramel Essence

beewee, May 30, 4:30am
I want to make meringues with either of these flavourings. Zarbo used to make a Butterscotch essence but no longer. Do you know where I can get any similar product.

eastie3, May 30, 5:12am
I have some Hansell's Butterscotch essence in the pantry, so any supermarket I suppose.

martine5, May 30, 5:16am
iv'e been looking for it in Chch without sucess. OMG isn't Zarbo stuff great! !

beewee, May 30, 9:43am
I find the hansells version a lot less flavoursome. Its like its diluted.

alebix, Jun 22, 5:53pm
rawleighs make some and its powerful... .

Or have you tried a drop or 20 of butterscotch schnapps... .