Rubber spatula in my cake!!!

nomad16, May 29, 10:25pm
I just baked a cake and noticed after it went in the oven that a tiny piece of rubber spatula has broken off. It looks perfect! Would you still eat it? tanya

vintagekitty, May 29, 11:05pm
I would, feed a piece to your husband, kids first and if they dont get sick, then its all good

nomad16, May 29, 11:27pm
Funny! ! ! Thanks

evorotorua, May 30, 1:44am
I would eat it. I am sure that unbeknowst to us all, we eat worse things every day! ! ! !

nfh1, May 30, 6:51am
LOL - I would do exactly the same!

msfit1, Jun 19, 7:40pm
ohh something like that happened to us once. In some countries they put a bunch of little plastic toys and trinkets in the cake... . I just told the kids that whoever found the little plastic piece would get a little prize. (it just got them to eat carefully and yay it was found)

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