Question about pickle and jam storage

sandra25, Feb 13, 3:16am
Last summer I made some zucchini pickle, piccallili and tomato relish. We have moved into a rental property that has no built in storage space at all (wardrobes, linen / storage cupboards etc) so I stored them on the top shelf of the pantry. The liquid in all of them seems to have evaporated, so down to about halfway is all dry and horrible, but perfectly fine under that. The rubber bands holding the covers on perished too. Is it the way they are stored that's causing this, or the actual pickle itself? I gave some to my sister who obviously stored hers differently and she said hers were funny but not as bad which made me think it was the pickle. Can anybody help? Thanks heaps.

winnie231, Feb 13, 3:42am
The cellophane covers 'breathe' & allow the vinegar in your pickle to evaporate. You need to use a lid on top of the cellophane or wax underneath - anything that will form a seal.
Your evaporated pickles will still be fine to eat - just more intense in flavour if anything ...

duckmoon, Feb 13, 3:53am
I imagine that because it was on a high shelf, it was also warmer, meaning that evaporation happened faster.

sandra25, Aug 7, 1:43am
Thanks. I have lots of lids - will start using them over the top of the covers.

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