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greerg, May 29, 12:07am
I made the chocolate hazelnut biscotti but clearly did something wrongly as the cooked logs were crackedvery difficult to cut so the biscotti are not very elegant. The flavour is great so I would like to get these right. I suspect I may have cooked them too long but the cracking started quite early. Do you have any suggestions please Pam? My mould has arrived so Speculaas cookies are on the agenda this weekend to go in Monday's care packages to Dunedin.

cookessentials, May 29, 12:47am
Hi Glen
The biscotti does crack a little so dont be too worried. How thin did you slice it? It will sometimes depend on your oven as well, to try and get the right result as ovens can vary significantly. Once you cut them and return to the oven, you want them nice and crispy and hard as you dunk them in your coffee to soften, or if you are like me, you dont mind knawing on a good hard biscotti! Glad you got the speculaa mould ok, there is a recipe in with them or you can use the recipe that I put up here earlier.

greerg, Jun 16, 6:54pm
Thanks Pam. Was cutting them about 0. 5 cm but the outer crust was very hard - will cook them a little less last time. I do like them hard though. Thanks.

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