Soup recipes please ...

kiwitel, May 28, 8:30pm
Hi- I have never ever made soup and I would like to start with one or two easy ones. I did a search on here but there were no recipes for basic ones like pumpkin or chicken soups as they are my favourite. I like tried and tested recipes as on the net I am not sure which is a good one as there are so many. Any recipes would be appreciated or links to a website which has good down to earth recipes. :)

kiwitel, May 28, 8:34pm
Ooops- just realised I had the setting for date posted as the last 24 hrs. Will do another search with an extended time frame... . must be too early in the morning. Sorry!

245sam, May 28, 8:59pm
kiwitel, try using 'Anytime' as the Date posted option and for even more soup recipes have a look at:- php? f=22&sid=cad2b5

margyr, May 28, 9:32pm
check also on stuff in lifestyle page, there was a headline there this morning for soups, and recipes.

kiwitel, Jun 16, 3:47am
Thank you. :)

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