loganberry jam

cottagerose, Jan 17, 12:15am
I just bought 1and a 1/2kg frozen loganberries but need a good recipe.
Ive tasted this jam and it was the best. I was told to just use the berries and sugar but the berryfarm I bought it from said they put grannysmith apples in it as they have what is needed to set the jam.
Has anyone tried either of these recipes.

noos, Jan 17, 3:44am
My nana makes loganberry jam (used to own an orchard garden and make all jams many moons ago) and she just gave me a new batch to try and mmmmmmm it's delish - will see if she can email the recipe to me =)

cottagerose, Jan 17, 8:19am
That will be great thanks noos

greerg, Jan 18, 2:32am
I have made loganberry jam with just fruit and sugar perfectly well but maybe this is a lower pectin variety. Just add the juice of 2 lemons or a teaspoon of citric acid. This aids in the extraction of pectin.

cottagerose, Jan 18, 8:30am
Thankyou greerg. I will give it a go. I might use the new sugar for jam. Not sure about that yet

noos, Jan 20, 9:42am
Loganberry jam. 1kilo logans, 1 kilo of sugar. Bring berries up to boiling point in a large saucepan or jam pan slowly add sugar and stir well. cook for 8 minutes stiring occasionally. Lower heat. Test by putting a teaspoonful on a saucer and put it in the freezer for a couple of minutes (or the fridge) run your finger through the jam and if it runs together you need to boil it longer say 3 more minutes. If it stays apart it is ready to bottle. I always give it a good beating with an egg beater to break up the fruit and make it smooth. Bottle hot and cover cold. good luck This recipe goes for all the berry fruit. NO water. IT is just equal parts of sugar and fruit so you can make larger lots if you like but i do an icecream container and then fill it with sugar for the measurement so no need to weigh anything.

I just copy/pasted from the email she sent! Hope it tastes good! !

noos, Jan 20, 6:11pm

cottagerose, Jul 15, 3:58am
thanks noos. I will use your recipe. I did buy 1 kg jam sugar but have 1 and a half kg of frozen loganberries so will use 1/2 kg of normal sugar with it.

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