Those "baby" carrots

karenz, May 28, 5:30am
Apart from tasting foul and costing a fortune, and despite assurances from the chlorine drinking supplier (when he finally confessed the carrots were washed with a chlorine solution and was then asked to drink some of it), I do not believe these are "baby" carrots. They do not have a proper core and top for one thing and all the item of TV last night showed was them rolling down an assembly line, not them growing or being harvested.

datoofairy, May 28, 5:34am
They are carved from larger carrots. The guy they interviewed said thats why they are so expensive, because of the waste produced and the excessive handling involved.

karenz, May 28, 5:39am
I either heard him say, or read about him saying in the newspaper, when the email first started doing the rounds, that they were definitely small carrots grown from specially imported seeds and he also denied that they were in any way treated with a solution containing chlorine, he blamed the white residue they get on a natural process.

fisher, May 28, 5:55am
I have manchester carrots (large) and baby carrots growing. .
I know where mine come from == my garden. .

karenz, May 28, 5:59am
I love carrots but the only time I tried to grow them they were sad twisted little specimens, I think I was too lazy to dig the earth deep enough for the poor things.

fisher, Jun 13, 5:55pm
karenz. . we had to replace a retaining wall and my clever wifey suggested we make garden boxes on each side of the steps... did the normal drainage with rocks etc and then put 1 metre of sterilised soil in the boxes. .
It's a metre deep and magic Waikato volcanic soil. (shipped up north)
Dug in compost and put in NPK fertiliser and blood and bone. . and as it's so friable and the drainage is perfect, It's where I grow my carrots and Dicon radish which can get to 40-50cm long... Maybe set aside an area where you can get a deep area. . grow your own and get away from all the pollutants. . as you know. . fresh is best :}

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