Vanilla extract or paste?

kellsz, May 25, 6:49am
Which would give better results in most baking?

knowsley, May 25, 8:10am
I'd think the extract would mix better in batter etc. I have both, but use the extract mainly for baking and the paste for desserts.

cookessentials, May 25, 8:18am
Depends on what you are using it for. The paste definately gives it a more exotic taste - I use the paste in my mangomisu which is delicious. If you Google Nielsen Massey you will get alot of info on their products and uses.

willyow, May 30, 7:24am
Vanilla pastes is a mixture ofvanillapod seeds and double strength vanilla extractplussometimes a sugar of some sort and a thickener.

Not very good pastes often contain vanilla pods and seeds that have been used for vanilla extract-making - i. e. most the flavour has been taken out of them.

People often prefer the paste over using pods becauseof its ease of use.

cookessentials, Jun 20, 2:03am
depends on the paste. I use Nilesen-Massey which I find fantastic. They have been making vanilla pastes and products fora very long time.

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