Pork leg in slow cooker - ideas please?

nutty-jay, May 24, 9:38pm
Hi there, i have never tried pork in the slow cooker before... i have a wild pork leg that ive taken the skin off and thought it may be easier/better in the slow cooker... How do you cook yours please?

margyr, May 24, 9:49pm
hi, i have only had my slow cooker a short while and have not tried roast meat in it yet, but did do a corned beef, i only put enough water in the bottom to cover the bottom of cooker. with your pork i would perhaps put some onion, apple, carrot, in the bottom and stand the meat on that? I cooked the corned beef on auto from 8am till around 6pm and it was lovely. try also doing a search on the left in keyword or member type slow cooker and in the date posted click on the arrow and then anytime then on search, may be some more info in there, good luck.

nutty-jay, May 24, 10:07pm

nfh1, May 24, 10:20pm
I put a pork joint in the SC last week - sprinkled it with lemon pepper, cut a lemon into three and a onion into three. Stood it on the pieces, threw some rosemary in (because I love it) and put the lid on!

Did not add any liquid at all and it was lovely.

korbo, May 25, 8:18am
mmm. lemon with pork sounds really nice. I have done about 5 pork roasts in the crockpot. put all the vegs around the outside as well. lift the pork out, and pop under the grill to get crackling. tasty as.

jaybee6, Jun 7, 1:48pm
Yes only way to cook wild pork. Put it into an oven bag and cook. Melts in your mouth.

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