Freezing Filo ??????????????

vintagekitty, May 24, 6:41am
can it be done ok? , packs are unopened. It doesnt have anything on the carton about freezing it

greerg, May 24, 6:43am
I tried but it seemed to be very fragile after freezing.

gussiej, May 24, 6:49am
bad idea.

just all fell apart when i did it and snapped in half when i tried to unroll it etc.

jaybee2003, May 24, 7:23am
I freeze filo pastry, but it must be fresh, that is it must be frozen well before its use by date, and is best frozen still in its sealed package.

If you are only using half the package, quickly take out what you want and reseal extremely well immediately, and into the freezer - don't let the remainder sit around exposed to the air at all before freeezing, or it will dry out and crumble.

To use from frozen - give it time to thaw fully AND get to room temperature before you open the package.

vintagekitty, May 25, 8:09am
Thanks, I bought Filo for 99 cents a packet! on super sale, so bought 5 as we love it. I will make a greek spinach and feta pie, mini savouries for kids lunchs and piles of baklava, which is my fav at the mo. I had a feeling it came out super breakable once frozen

tixy, May 25, 9:11am
Try freezing it flat instead of in a roll - still in a wrapper though. Doesn't break quite as much. At $1 a pack it is well worth it! !

vintagekitty, Jun 9, 4:12pm
I know Tixy, it was short dated, but what a bargain!

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