Bacon Hocks and Bacon ends any suggestions for

17007, May 24, 1:09am
a yummy recipe that kids would enjoy as well

geldof, May 24, 1:51am
homemade chunky wedges with sour cream, salsa and bacon. nice after a bowl of soup on a day like today.

goldgurl, May 24, 6:49am
a creamy pasta meal with the bacon pieces, or a pizza with the bacon as a topping.

karenz, Jun 3, 7:07pm
Make a lentil soup - boil the bones until the meat is literally falling off the bone, then remove the bones, strain the stock and skim the fat. Meanwhile partially cook onion garlic carrot and celery in olive oil. Put the veggies in with the stock along with a crushed tin of tomatoes (you can leave this out) and a handful of red lentils. Cook until lentils are done then add the shredded meat from the bones. Add oregano and basil and seasonings.

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