Ok I just baked my very 1st fruit cake and was..

mrsmou, May 23, 7:28am
. . told to wrap a certain way but can't remember if I have to wrap in foil then cover with plastic or vice versa. . any help would be appreciated thanks

2boysmum, May 23, 7:30am
plastic? I usually just wrap in baking paper that it was cooked in, then tin foil.

mrsmou, May 23, 7:32am
Thanks, if it works for you I'll do that!

245sam, May 23, 7:48am
I normally aim to make my Christmas cake before Labour weekend, then I wrap it 'skin tight' in plastic wrap followed by foil and I have never yet had a problem with doing that. :-))

farmerbu, May 30, 6:16pm
is that with a rich fruit cake? or can it be done withone that isnt really rich? thanks

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