Apricot balls, like rum balls....

korbo, May 23, 5:07am
can you make them tonight, then store in the fridge, want them for next weekend, just trying to spread the baking out over a week, and our freezer is full to the brim... how far in advance do others make like a slice, cheese cakes etc... . . thanks.
also after making and icing a carrott cake with cream cheese icing, do you have to keep in the fridge... .

margyr, May 23, 5:13am
i would make them Wed for the weekend, if you were able to freeze them then today would be ok but not if you are only fridgeing. Mind you you could make the carrot cake and then just ice it on wed/thurs, that would save some time.

nauru, May 23, 5:20am
If the apricot balls have any alchohol in them they will keep for ages in an airtight container in the fridge.

korbo, May 23, 8:59am
thanks, would still like to know about the carrott cake.

bisloy, May 23, 9:03am
I keep mine in an airtight container in a cool place - they always eat it within about 3-4 days, so I never have to worry about it going off. If it were summer I would keep it in the fridge. Cheese cakes I would make a max of 2 days ahead.

margyr, May 23, 8:31pm
the icing with cream cheese only keeps max 3 days then it starts to either seperate or goes hard on the outside, also with keeping things in the fridge like cakes and slices unless in a really good airtight container they will absorb other flavours from the fridge.

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