Curried sausages

mber2, May 23, 3:17am
have u got a tasty recipe for curried sausages please? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? & would u mind sharing it please

indy95, May 23, 3:50am
Just use the search box, mber2, choosing anytime as the date posted option and you should find several good recipes.

mber2, May 23, 4:17am
Thanks 4 that

margyr, May 23, 5:23am
i love them, and boil sausages then cut into slices, chop and fry an onion, add some tomato relish, a little bit of sugar, sometimes a chopped apple, curry powder how much depends on how hot you want the curry, also some piccalli pickle, then put in the sausages and add some water, when this is all cooked up just thicken with a bit of flour and water. Have been doing them in the crock pot and using whole sausage.

245sam, May 23, 6:07am
mber2, I personally recommend the first recipe at:- php? f=20&t=151

fruitluva2, May 30, 1:01pm
I like the sausages / chickenroasted, choppedand added to creamed curry