Pork chop casserole

diane8282, May 22, 3:06am
any recipe ideas ?

beaker59, May 22, 3:13am
I do mine in the slow cooker. Brown chops in fry pan then add to cooker throw some onion and garlic in the pan and stir fry that until clear tip over the pork. then deglaze the pan with a half cup of white wine add that to cooker. Throw on top a bunch of chopped fresh sage and thyme some chopped ginger and a couple of chopped apples a tin of tomatoes is good too and I would add a chilli but that optional. and salt then cook on high for about 4 or so hours. Thicken the gravy before serving.

Edit to add a bit of fresh ginger chopped up is nice.

diane8282, May 22, 3:27am
thanks sounds delicious

dbab, May 28, 3:49am
Maggi Honeyed pork chops for the slow cooker is nice. I add a sliced apple to the onion wedges under the chops, and a little less honey.

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