Recipes for homemade chicken soup

slmer, May 21, 2:55am
made with carcass. How do you made a nice soup. Many thanks.

cookessentials, May 21, 3:10am
Does the carcass have much meat on it? if not, you can always add a ittle extra cooked chicken meat to the soup. Simmer the carcas in water, to make a good base to your soup. Some people like to add pearl barley or a "Kings" soup mix ( it depends on your taste) Add a large onion, chopped and plenty of vege such as carrots, sliced leeks, celery, green beans etc. I would add a Campbells chicken to it and plenty of good seasoning such as freshly ground pepper. Rice or noodles can also be added, just depending on what you like.

slmer, May 21, 3:29am
thanks for that. We are not keen on soup mix or barley. The bones have some meat on them. Can you freeze this also?

cookessentials, May 21, 4:07am
yes, you can. I just pop mine in a container with a good sealing lid - let it go cold first though.

slmer, May 21, 4:17am
thanks for that cookessentials. Just about to start it now.

cookessentials, May 21, 4:39am
You are welcome. my post above should say Campbells chicken stock by the way

bellyatobhs, May 21, 4:57am
i always save the carcases from any smoked chickens i buy, they give your soup a lovely smokey taste.

uli, May 21, 7:42am
I usually save all my chicken bones in the freezer and make chicken soup once I have a big bag full of them.

I put them all into a roaster and roast them to a nice colour together with some sliced onions.

Then pour water into the roaster and cook all the nice stuff off the bottom.

Then transfer all into a big stockpot and simmer for some hours (in winter on the wood stove). I add some carrots and lovage for more flavour. I also keep all the parsley stems and celery leaves that I do not use immediately in the freezer and add those to the pot together with come chillies and garlic.

This makes the best chicken soup you have ever tasted. No comparison to just boiling the raw frames. Try it out one day.

The same recipe applies to meaty beef bones or lamb or sheep bones of course.

rainrain1, May 21, 7:53am
I sometimes boil up the whole chicken and serve the lovely meat into the plate with all the scrummy vegetables and rice, or soup mix. Better the next day when when the flavours have mingled

slmer, May 21, 10:59am
Made my chicken soup. Its yummy. Not bad for a first timer.

slmer, May 25, 5:54pm
slmer didn't make the soup I did his wife.