Can someone recommend a portable oven?

lyonkin, May 20, 6:09am
Big enough to make maybe 10inch flans, with enough room for some cakes? Any help much appreciated. Budget probably $100ish (student living in student accommodation hence no oven). Thanks in advance! !

juliewn, May 23, 5:59pm
Hi. . I had an oven like this - Listing #: 282018943 - at my Bach and found it excellent - this listing has sold, however I've seen these ovens on Trademe from time to time - I bought mine on Trademe a few years ago for $40.

Both elements can be used at once, and not the oven, or one element and the oven can be used at once. It's big enough to make a cake or flan - it has an oven dish that's a bit bigger than a slice baking tin.

Hope this is of help. . good luck with your studies. . :-)

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