Can you freeze

n.c, May 20, 12:15am
slices? E. g ginger crunch, choc caramel etc etc?


bookworms58, May 20, 12:29am
Yea you can just wrap it well

n.c, May 20, 12:31am
Thanks! I am sick of it going yuck before its all eaten :-)

jessie981, May 20, 6:33am
slice before freezing. Thaws quicker

n.c, May 20, 8:57am
Thanks jessie... . I thought that would be best as its going in lunchboxes etc.

raebea, May 23, 12:49pm
a hint as well, if pieces are going to be for lunch boxes, cut & wrap ready & if it is frozen when packed in the lunch box, it will be thawed out by lunch-time, . I used to do things like that , even with some type of sandwiches when we were on the farm, I remember that salmon was very expensive back in those days , so I would make up a loaf of salmon sandwiches-cut ready & wrapped in 2'sfor the lunch box, & put them in the freezer, very popular with the family done like that.