Whats the difference between bottle/cask wine

cherie19, Feb 13, 4:59am
apart from the obvious cost and taste? I like my wine and tend to have a couple most nights out of the cask. Def drink the better stuff when im out. Ive had a horrible mouth type infection ova the last year and am wondering if maybe its the preservatives or something in the cask wine as have been treated for every mouth infection possible with no results. Do you think it could be the amount of sugar in the cask wine maybe? Ive had no wine for the last 3 days now and im sure my mouth is feeling a bit better already! Cheers

davidt4, Feb 13, 6:28am
I would imagine that bag-in-box wine would have higher levels of preservatives, but also goodness knows what additives to make them taste even remotely like wine. The contents are generally spoiled wines that are manipulated in the winery to give high alcohol levels, and a fair bit of sweetness to make them palatable.

No sane person would go near them!

Have you asked a doctor about this?

2bakerz, Feb 13, 7:42am
Cherie, good wines are always on special at various supermarket so why anyone would choose to drink 'chateau d' cardboard' I really can't understand!

darlingmole, Feb 13, 7:48am
seriously ~ is this true? How did you find out? Am very interested for lots of reasons davidt4

cherie19, Feb 13, 8:12am
Dont get what you mean David. How did i find out about what? And yes went to Docs way back and also ENT at hospital. Neither could find any problems with my mouth back then, so i just put up with it! And by the way, i am very sane.

davidt4, Aug 10, 6:46am
I was married to a professional wine maker for 15 years.

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