so i am making courgette chutney!! never have b4

jacqui248, Feb 11, 8:26pm
so when it goes in jars can the jars just stay in the pantry? ? ? i have never made anything like this b4

jacqui248, Feb 11, 8:41pm
also i t says put on vinegar prrof lids can i jsut use the glass jar lids... and b) i have a couple plastic ex mayo jars, can i use these? ?

sukhita, Feb 11, 9:38pm
Most chutneys are best left for a few months in a dark cupboard to mature before using (I leave mine 6mths).
As for the lids - if the lids have a 'plastic' lining on the inside of the metal then they are fine. If they are straight metal - don't use or cover your chutney with something else first as the vinegar in the chutney will react with the metal causing rust & a poor seal.

sukhita, Feb 11, 9:41pm
Just realised I'm at work ... not my user name - I'm actually winnie231.
Your mayo jars will have the plastic lining I think.
Good luck with your chutney!

jacqui248, Aug 2, 5:45pm
oh cool thanks very much

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