Lemonade scones

rambo24, May 19, 12:02am
Does anyone have the receipe please. Thanks

rambo24, May 19, 2:47am
thanks heaps!

eljayv, May 19, 8:59pm
I think it is 4 cups self raising flour, 1 can lemonade, 300 mls cream. Sometimes the mix can be rather wet so cut back on the lemonade. Makes really light scones.

catbrat, May 29, 5:08am
I have substutued ginger ale for lemonade

camgirl, May 29, 5:09am
6 cups flour
6 teaspoon baking powder
1 can Lemonade
300mls cream

kabbo, May 29, 5:18am
mmmm - that sounds interesting... ... what were they like? ? ? ?

thea4, May 29, 5:20am
I substitute plain yogurt for the cream, works just the same

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