Using fresh mandarin instead of tinned

lorraine058, May 18, 9:06am
Does anyone know how I can subustitute fresh mandarin segments for tinned segments

may321, May 18, 9:22am
wot do yu want to know. you just buy the small tins of mandarins and use them instead. .

harrislucinda, May 18, 9:22am
you askhowcanyouwhatareyoumaking

lorraine058, May 18, 9:34am
I have mandarin trees so don't want to buy the tinned ones. I am going to make a mandarin cheesecake

bisloy, May 15, 6:51pm
The only thing you need to do is peel the mandarin, then peel each segment so that you only have the flesh, not the little sack that it comes in. They are reasonably easy to peel. Start at the centre, where the seeds are and peel toward the outside.

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