Chocolate sticks

muppetmum05, May 18, 6:18am
Does anyone know where i can get these? looked in most shops seems they only come out at christmas, needing them for a cake i'm making next weekend.

wilson16, May 18, 6:25am
Do you mean chocolate fingers. They are in the normal biscuit aisle at the supermarket.

muppetmum05, May 18, 6:34am
no they are just sold chocolate sort of same size as a fruit stick but longer

robyn35, May 18, 6:47am
check Ballentynes they may have them.

muppetmum05, May 18, 8:25am
ok thankyou

bisloy, 6 days, 21 hours
Don't whittakers make a choc stick. They aren't round, but are flat on one side. Available mos outlets - dairys, supermarkets, garages, etc.

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