Seafood Chowder

chez23, May 18, 5:08am
I am wanting a recipe for creamy seafood chowder, just like in the resturants. I always have when out but mine never tastes the same.

harrislucinda, May 18, 5:13am

245sam, May 18, 5:29am
chez23, your request is one that 'pops' up quite regularly here on this Trademe MB so I suggest that you try a search here on this MB using 'seafood chowder' as the Keyword and 'Anytime' as the Date posted option - that will give you those earlier threads and a choice of the previously posted recipes. :-))

becs15, May 15, 6:40am
I've made this one a few times
er it is super yum & healthy!

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