Pecan vs Walnut

lyonkin, May 17, 10:23am
which one is the cheaper nut?

jaybee2003, May 17, 10:48am
Walnuts are cheaper than pecans.

perle, May 17, 11:31am
but pecans r sooooooo much nicer

elliehen, May 17, 11:51am
You can't make a Pecan Pie with walnuts, but you make a pretty good Walnut and Date Pie instead.

It's hard to buy pecans that aren't rancid.

cookessentials, May 14, 4:17am
Pecans have quite a different taste too and walnuts can have a bit of a "taste" compared to pecans. Pecans are very good for you too. I buy them in bulk packs at around $8 from Moore Wilson.