jennie5963, May 17, 1:56am
Can you still get them?

nfh1, May 17, 1:58am
I remember those, everyone had them for buffets etc. I have not seen any for years - I am sure someone will have some tucked away somewhere!

I love the name - so visual.

lizab, May 17, 2:11am
nothing visual is coming to me at all! ! ! What are they please?

245sam, May 17, 3:06am
lizab, picture this... . . spork = spoon and fork in one - have a look at:-

http://en. wikipedia.org/wiki/Spork

litedelites, May 17, 3:36am
Yes you can still get them. My partner got a new one a couple of years ago - try Katmandu stores or other sporting/hiking shops. Good luck T

lizab, May 17, 4:08am
thanks 245sam - a spork makes complete sense now lol

cookessentials, May 17, 7:14am
yes, I get ours from the USA and can also get "Splayds" from NZ.

cookessentials, May 17, 7:15am
These are they http://www.norpro.com/store/products/ss-spork-36-pc-dsp

cookessentials, May 13, 10:42pm
You would be looking roughly at $3. 95 each depending on the exchange rate at the time of ordering.

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