Chicken Pieces 4 dinner---- what to do with them?

courtney2004, May 17, 1:48am
Having got chicken pieces out of the freezer what should I do with them for dinner?

margyr, May 17, 1:55am
do you have some honey and soy sauce? if so make up a marinade of honey, soy, garlic, sort of paste consistency and pour over the peices then roast them, just in the last 10 mins if you have some sesame seeds sprinkle them over. You will need to turn the chicken peices a few times during cooking to make them nicely coated. mashed spuds and a salad with them.

diz_fullah, May 17, 1:58am
Maggi has out a new "Tender rost chicken" with all sorts of flavours, oriental soy, herbs & garlic. Super easy to use & vamps up a boring old chicken pieces.

courtney2004, May 17, 2:05am
WOW! ! ! many thanks I think I will do that! like the idea of mushed spuds - warm food for such a cold day even my cat thinks the fire place is not putting enough heat out (she has pulled herself under a pile of washing that has been folded- gave me one hell of a fright when I went to pick it up "scream")

margyr, May 17, 2:08am
well instead of the salad, have some cauliflower and cheese with it. Poor pussy cat i bet it nearly had a heart attack all nice and cosy.

courtney2004, May 10, 10:15pm
the pussy cat well she is bullet proof (having nieces and nephews crawling after it all the time and calling out for her) she just scretched out never opened her eyes.

Have some beetroot here etc with pumpkin might do a sort of roast warm salad.