I just made the best muffins!

perle, May 16, 9:27am
1+1/2 cup self raising flour
1 cup sugar
3/4 cup oil
2 eggs
1 cup cooked pumpkin(roasted then mashed)
2tsp baking soda
1tsp each of cinnamon, mixed spice, nutmeg
3/4cup choc chips

preheat oven 180c. .
mix egg, sugar, oil, pumpkin till smooth. Add all dry ingredients, mixing well. Fold in choc chips. Fill greased muffin tins 3/4 full. Bake 15-20 mins.

easy and yummy. We had these for dessert, cut the top of the muffin put a dollup of whipped cream, then replace top. Served with vanilla ice cream... soo indulgent, yet so simple :)

indy95, May 16, 11:37pm
That sounds great, perle, definitely one to add to the collection. Thanks for posting the recipe.

rainrain1, May 10, 12:56pm
They sound super duper... thanks from me too :-)

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