How do you cook a beef bolar roast without

gojojo2, May 16, 8:38am
a slow cooker

jessie981, May 16, 9:33am
Cooked one last week. Place in ovenbag @160 - 180. I cooked for approx 1 hr (depends on size, mine was just under 500grms) then left sitting for 15mins before slicing. was perfect.

gojojo2, May 16, 9:43am
Did you add anyting else... like wine, stock, tom puree, veges? I', so confused with what I'm finding online

jessie981, May 16, 9:53am
Just salt, pepper & rubbed dry mustard over. You can use red wine. Think it really is the cooking method i. e the oven bag that keeps it mosit.

gojojo2, May 8, 10:07pm
Yum, um - thanks

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