YUM redskin spuds!why are they more expensive

cloffie, May 16, 3:34am
than the white ones? BTW we much prefer the red ones

uli, May 16, 3:50am
Which "red skin" ones? There is at least a dozen varieties that have red skins (in NZ).

If they are dearer then it means that they have less yield. The average white (like Ilam Hardy et al) have huge yields - and are only really good in a soup or stew (or mashed of course) where they can fall to bits and thicken it. Otherwise I would class them as pig food LOL :)

cloffie, May 16, 3:57am
oh uli you are so on to it. Ibrought some white agria in a blond moment last week and gave them to my daughter! lol. I have van rosa reds ATM but like any of them. Must admit I hadnt thought of the yield factor in price

wasgonna, May 16, 6:07am
You obviously haven't roasted them.

maynard9, May 8, 7:44pm
That's why I grow my own. I feel quite righteous walking past them all in the supermarket knowing I have my lovely homegrown ones.

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