Clam or mussel

mummy12, May 16, 2:56am
recipe please - fancy something with pasta in it :)

mummy12, May 17, 3:37am
pretty please i'm begging!

deus701, May 17, 4:55am

bin-boy-lin, May 17, 4:57am
During the summer months I have boiled live mussels briefly, opened them and got the flesh out, chopped into about 3 pieces. Retain the mussel water strain it to get rid of any shell etc then use this to boil your pasta (gives it a great flavour) when the pasta has cooled mix in mussels (chopped) and spring onion or chives and a good mayonaise. Or anything else like grated cheese etc. You can do this hot as well.
Easy peasy.

bin-boy-lin, May 17, 6:47am
I have been known to save & freeze the water from shellfish and use it in fish soups & chowders, it is all about flavour.
Most valuable flavouring, that most just chuck down the drain.

chchliz, May 12, 11:41am
Great tip - I'll save mine too.

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