Pumpkin cake/frittata

hamish199, May 16, 1:52am
I recently had a deliscious pumpkin and spinach "frittata' at a cafe only it looked more like a cake as it was about 5 inches high. It looked very simple with just pumpkin and spinach in it. Itwas hard to detect any egg omelet like part to itat all making it very healthy and low in fat. The spinach seemed to have been used to line the tin and so was quite crispy and formed the outer crust. The pumpkin was very chunky. Does anyone have a recipe for something similar please?

uli, May 16, 2:05am
Well "something" must have glued it all together. If it was indeed a frittata you would have seen quite a bit of egg somewhere in between the pumpkin and spinach pieces.

Maybe it was more of a "quiche"? With lots of flour and only a few eggs - carbs are cheap - eggs are not LOL :)

Try it out with varying amounts of egg and flour until you find the combination that you like.

edited to add: Beats me though why you say: "It was hard to detect any egg omelet like part to it at all making it very healthy and low in fat. " Why is egg unhealthy all of a sudden? And where does the fat come in?

elliehen, May 16, 2:21am
I have two cookbooks devoted entirely to pumpkin recipes (one NZ and one Australian - most of the rest of the world thinks pumpkin is animal fodder! ). I looked for something similar to your description and there is a Pumpkin Frittata with chunky pumpkin, but with courgettes, not spinach. Here it is:
1 Tbspn olive oil
4 large onions, thinly sliced
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 cup courgettes, thinly sliced
1 & 1/2 cups pumpkin, cooked and diced
1 red chilli, finely chopped
8 eggs
salt and pepper

Heat oil in large non-stick frypan & cook onions until soft. Add garlic & cook 1 minute longer. Add courgettes & cook until just soft. Stir in the pumpkin and the chilli. Beat eggs with salt & pepper. POur over the vegetables and stir gently. Cook mixture until base is firm but eggs are still soft. Place pan under the grill and brown the top. Turn onto a large platter and serve warm or cold. Goes well with red lettuce.

That should be enough eggs to please uli ;)

elliehen, May 16, 5:13am
Two really good pumpkin cookbooks to watch out for are:

'A Taste of Pumpkin' Delicious New Zealand Recipes, by Maureen Sherry, Random House 1995, ISBN 186941 245 1

'The Great Australian Pumpkin Recipe Book' by Barbara Carr, Southern Holdings 2002, ISBN 094 9089 16 8

Both have a great selection of recipes for using pumpkin - soups, main dishes, savouries, salads, bread, scones, cakes, desserts (even pumpkin ice-cream).

elliehen, May 16, 10:58pm
Have just come across a link to this in a thread started today... maybe it will be close enough to your original?

1 bunch silver beet
1/2 pumpkin, cooked and mashed
4 tortillas
1 can chilli beans
1/2 cup grated cheese
salt and pepper
1/4 cup milk
Boil pumpkin until tender and then mash using milk, adding salt and pepper to taste.

Blanch silver beet in a frying pan and set aside (blanch with finely chopped garlic to add more flavour).

Place a tortilla in the base of a deep oven dish and layer 1/3 of the chilli beans, mashed pumpkin and silver beet. Repeat this process until you place the last tortilla on top of the stack. Sprinkle grated cheese on top to finish.

Cook under the grill for 15-20 minutes. Serve each piece with a dollop of sour cream.

griffo4, May 10, 11:46am
hamish are you saying that it had a spinach base and just pumpkin as the filling?
What other flavours did you pick up and was there any parsley etc in it?
Maybe if it had flour and egg added then you wouldn't see the egg in it as you need something to hold it together
What was the texture like did it hold together well or fall apart?
Sorry for so many ? 's but it sounds interesting and just trying to get a mental picture

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