Deep fried camembert

denart, May 15, 5:27am
Do I thaw this out or cook from frozen can anyone help please.

jessie981, May 15, 5:28am
sorry can't help, but have always wanted to taste it. I would thraw though.

denart, May 15, 5:29am
Thanks Jessie, you can buy it already frozen & it is delicious.

jazzzy, May 15, 5:36am
I have only made it from scratch... .

margyr, May 15, 5:49am
having been a deep fryer cook for years i would say to do it from frozen, just long enough for the crumbs to crisp nicely, have it with plum sauce and crackers, yumm! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 1

bitser, May 15, 6:07am
oh no don't do it! lol. talk about a health hazard ;-)

martine5, May 4, 11:17am
If you are asking then they must be already frozen, so you would deep fry them from frozen. Although I agree with bitser I really try to avoid deep fried food but enjoy anyway