Cocktail Party - Nibble ideas please.......

lulu123, Feb 11, 3:49am
Hi There,

I am hosting a cocktail party for my friends hens night, I need some ideas for nibbles. I got the frozen spring rolls, cheese platter, fruit platter, vege platter just wanting some different other ideas please.


245sam, Feb 11, 3:55am
lulu123, it seems that it's a busy party time - there have been a few requests along the same lines as yours so if you do a search using the search option here on the MB and put 'party' in as the keyword along with 'anytime' as the date posted you'll find all the other ideas that have been offered recently as well as some earlier threads.

I hope it all goes well for you - both the preparation and the party. Have fun! ! :-))

bo0tsey, Feb 11, 3:58am
Cream cheese and smoked salmon on french bread
Pesto on bread or crackers
Oh I could go on and on lol

andrea1978, Feb 11, 4:02am
you could do old school hedgehogs - half a grapefruit and put cheese and whatever (pickled onion, gherkin etc) on toothpicks and stick them all over. I still think they're cool lol

Also this guy on youtube makes french onion dip which I made and it is really quite nice. I do feel it's missing something though so if anyone has any ideas let me know :) v=1UwdheBm9sI

and guacamole! avocadoes, lemon juice (or lime), fresh coriander, cumin powder, some kaitaia fire or other hot sauce, red onion, spring onion & salt and pepper

maandpa2b, Feb 11, 4:08am
You want to have loads of solid food otherwise your cocktail party will get very messy in no time. I made cajun wedges, home-made pizza's, Bread and dips... etc. I also made a table full of desserts. I made a simple trifle (no alcohol), pav, chocolate brownie and meringues (all of which can be made the day before so you're not running around like a headless chook on the day. We also had the BBQ going and did meat and mushrooms (people brought their own). It meant we were still going after 1am and no-one had fallen over - except my hubby who forgot to eat all day!

lulu123, Feb 11, 9:26am
Thank you, Thank you! Great Ideas.

fisher, Feb 11, 9:19pm
vol au vents... . spicy chicken nibbles... rollups. . bacon and egg yorkies. .
bread cases. . stuffed sausages. . vege wraps. . filled filo rolls. . cheese logs/rolls. . etc etc...

goldgurl, Feb 11, 9:40pm
great thread... will be taking note as I have offered to do all the nibbles for a good riends 21st in June... she's hired the 'Ultimate Party Bus' n I'm excited as heck LOL

theanimal1, Aug 3, 6:07pm
Use a savoury short pastry recipe - or purchase some - this rolls out and bakes and looks a little like flattened shortbread, though tastes different. .

Roll out until about 3-4mm thick. . a little thicker than you would have pastry for a pie. Cut into small circles with a cookie cutter - the crinkle-edged ones look good.

Bake as per the recipe or packet instructions. Leave till completely cold and freeze until the day they're needed - or make a few days ahead and keep in an airtight container.

You can decorate them as you wish. . some of the following can be made in advance, then placed on the circles not long before being ready to serve:

* Mix some cream cheese and salmon or smoked salmon together, add chopped chives or a little chopped mint. Season to taste. Spread over the circles, top with a small piece of smoked salmon.

* A slice of avocado, a slice of tomato and some smoked salmon on top. .

* Make some guacamole, and spread a thick layer over the circle, sprinkle with paprika and top with a small wedge of tomato.

* Use some cream cheese, seasoned to taste and a little lemon juice added, and spread on the circles. Top with some caviar.

* Spread a little hummous on the circles, then top with a thin layer of pesto.

* Place a slice of tomato on the circles, then top with pesto.

* Place a slice of cucumber on the circles, top with finely chopped mint mixed into some cream cheese, cottage cheese or hummous and season to your taste.

* Mix some finely chopped sundried tomato and some finely chopped mint into some cream, cottage cheese or hummous and spread on the circles. . top with a tiny piece of mint or parsley.

* Mix some chopped smoked salmon into some hummous - season to taste if needed, spread on the circles and decorate.

* Mix some sweet chilli sauce or some pickle, chutney or relish into cream cheese, cottage cheese or hummous, season if needed and spread on the circles and decorate.

* Mix some chopped gherkins into cream cheese, cottage cheese or hummous and season if needed, add smoked salmon if you want, spread on the circles and decorate.

* Make a cheese paste - the Southland Cheese Rolls recipe - recipes are here:

s. aspx
Spread some over the circles and either warm them, or decorate and use as they are. .

* Other ingredients you could use:

* Salami, chopped or sliced in circles
* Olives - sliced or chopped
* Fresh herbs - parsley, mint, lemon balm, thyme, sage, etc. .
* Grilled chopped crispy bacon
* Hard boiled eggs chopped through cream cheese, cottage cheese or hummous and seasoned.
* Slices of hard boiled egg.
* Mashed hardboiled eggs, a little mayonnaise added and seasoned to taste - add a little curry powder and some chopped parsley - the good ole savoury egg recipe adapted to top the circles.
* Thin slices of fresh tuna
* Whatever you fancy... .

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