Leek & Potato Soup recipe (for slow cooker)

mumstu, May 13, 9:11pm
I am after a tried and tru leek and potato soup recipe for the slow cooker. I have Googled but have become overwelmed with all the versions! ! ! Can I just have the ones that you know are good? thanks heaps.

herika, May 13, 9:47pm
bumping so mumstu can get some help with this :)

maxi42, May 13, 10:06pm
This what I learned in France as an au pair, we ate it every night and made a potfull that lasted for several days. My favorite soup, easy, healthy, cheap.

Quantities are flexibel:

about 4 big potatoes,
1 leek with lots of green left on it.
garlic, salt, oregano

peel and chop potatoes, boil for 10 mins,
chop leeks, only discarding the toughest green bits on outside.
add to boiling potatoes for another 10 mins
add clove of garlic
cool down, and puree in blender, add water for right thickness.
sprinkle with oregano or parsley

mumstu, Apr 30, 9:11am
yum, this sounds great!

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