Party food

carriebradshaw, May 13, 8:48am
We're going to a 2nd birthday party on sunday and have been asked to bring a plate of food for the adults.
Was thinking maybe a cobb loaf, but not sure. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

natalie9, May 13, 9:10am
Ooh yes cobb loaf always goes down well! ! ! Or a cheese ball...

rangis, May 13, 9:16pm
Mix some smoked salmon with a pottle of cream cheese a squirt of lemon and some parsley together and spread it on a french stick cut into bit, its really yummy and everyone always loves it

cap, May 13, 9:25pm
I've thrown a lot of kids parties in my time and to be honest the food the adults enjoy the most is the kids' food lol! I can never serve enough cheerios - I guess it's just not a food you eat at any other time. However for more "adult" food I can't go past a plate of cheese, crackers/bread and dips.

rarogal, May 14, 3:53am
Take a (cold) puff pastry square, roll out a little keeping a square shape. Spread with basil pesto, sprinkle over chopped sundried tomatoes, crumbled feta and toasted pinenuts. Leave a 5cm border on two opposite sides. Fold over each side (the width of the blank part) towards the centre, when the sides meet fold one over the other. Carefully cut into 1cm slices (dont press down) and bake at 200deg for 15mins. Delicious hot or cold!

ruby19, May 14, 3:55am
I actually think the cob loaf is a great idea, yum, perhaps just take along some chopped up veggies for extra dipping tools!

carriebradshaw, May 14, 4:44am
Thanks for the ideas everyone. Am still undecided as they all sound so good!

bisloy, Apr 30, 7:06pm
I LOVE cob loaf. Make that and make extra tortilla chips or bread chips to go with it.

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