autumnwinds, Jul 20, 11:40am
** bumps thread on an interesting topic. noting there's a much larger range of flavouring sources, especially caramel, over the past year. **

blackhonker, Jul 20, 11:20pm
Hi does anyone know if there is a iced caramel drink anywhere. I went to a cafe once and they had iced chocolate, iced coffee and iced caramel drinks absolutely delicious. How would one make one. Would just plain caramel sauce and chilled milk be enough. blackhonker.

davidt4, Jul 21, 12:23am
I think Lewis Road makes a caramel flavoured milk.

sarahb5, Jul 21, 12:46am

buzzy110, Jul 21, 1:44am
Check out the milk section of your supermarket. I don't buy that stuff so only give it a cursory glance when buying cream or actually checking out Lewis Road Creamery products. I think (only think that is) that one of the larger milk producers also produces a small range of flavoured milks - strawberry, chocolate, caramel, banana, in 1 and 2 litre 'bottles'.

Lewis Road Creamery has several savings graces. The first is that they sell only small bottles, their ingredients are natural and free of chemicals (if you exclude sugar and what comes in Whittaker's chocolate) and they are expensive so over-indulgence is not an issue, mostly.

I'm almost sure that Kapiti has set up in competition to Lewis Road so have the same flavours.

245sam, Jul 21, 3:46am
blackhonker have you considered Up & Go? There is a caramel flavour option amongst their range:-

sarahb5, Jul 21, 3:48am
Have you tried it?

245sam, Jul 21, 4:00am
sarahb5, I am a fan of almost anything caramel so yes, I have tried the caramel Up & Go option, and it would be my preference although the chocolate and vanilla options come a very close second - not that we have any option often but they do make a quick and easy breakfast on the run, usually when we have a plane or ferry to catch early in the morning. :-))

sarahb5, Jul 21, 4:50am
Each to their own - definitely not my choice even though I also love caramel - I'll try most things but one mouthful of Up & Go was enough for me - odd artificial flavour and way too sweet. I'm sure they're very handy if you like them but I'd rather have a banana!

sarahb5, Jul 21, 4:59am
On the basis that there's more to iced chocolate and iced coffee than just flavoured milk then I think caramel syrup and mlk is probably the best place to start

davidt4, Jul 21, 5:11am
For the truest caramel flavour I would make a dry caramel. Heat sugar in a heavy-bottomed pan until it caramelises, carefully pour in a little hot water to make a thick caramel syrup. Gradually whisk the caramel syrup into cold milk until you get the intensity of flavour that you like.

blackhonker, Jul 24, 11:13am
Hi Thank you all for your comments I will try them I have not tried the Up and Go one so I will do so. blackhonker

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