What to do with cream cheese/feta mixture.

nunesy, Jun 15, 4:29am
Tried to make mini cheeseballs which usually turn out brilliantly, but didn't notice the tiny writing on the package that says it's 'lite' which won't work for this recipe. So I'm left with a bowl of cream cheese and basil pesto goat feta mixture. what can I do with it? It would be nice on sandwiches but can't eat it as I'm dairy free so thought I could put it in a recipe and give it away. any ideas? Thanks!

geldof, Jun 15, 6:00am
Stuffed mushrooms
thin it down a bit and use it as a sauce on meat or vege.
Add it to a quiche or fritatta.

It should also freeze, so freeze it in small portions and use as able.

samanya, Jun 15, 6:30am
Nunesy . you say you can't eat it, so it has to be something that you can serve to guests, or give away. right?
I'm with geldof, I'm thinking it should freeze OK & even if it goes a bit watery/separates a bit on thawing . nothing a good mix/stir up won't fix.
Then you can use it when you need to (as long as you don't forget it's there, as I so often do)

nunesy, Aug 26, 7:17pm
Thanks - I have a tiny freezer so can't freeze it but didn't think of a quiche or frittata, that would taste amazing.