Air Fryers

macrubble, Jan 1, 9:15pm
Are these any good and what do you cook in them apart from frys

madj, Jan 1, 10:02pm
We have one and have cooked chicken and sausages in it so far. We like it and if you do cook fries in it they are pretty good. We haven't managed yet to get that adventurous but we will get around to trying more. The recipe book I have covers everything from fries, to stuffed potatoes, meat recipes to desserts. No regrets buying it as our kitchen is small and it frees up oven space etc

lythande1, Jan 1, 10:50pm
Why? fat has been disproved to be the enemy.

snapperheadrkp, Jan 1, 11:02pm
Wife talked me in to buying one about 12 months ago after seeing her sister in Aus use hers.I was very skeptical as have tried out many cooking gadgets and other tiki toys only to revert back to pots on the stove. Purchased a Sheffield from 1-day (about $80, BUT you can pay all sorts of money for them and they all appear to do the same job) Unfortunately I am still eating my hat, as it works really well and is used at least twice a week for fries, spring rolls,sausages,and to reheat pies and bread rolls.(all with no added oil or other grease)

poppit15, Jan 1, 11:22pm
We bought ours from warehouse, cook bacon, sausages, any frozen things like nuggets, sausage rolls, chicken thights and I do my roast vegetables but just give them a light spray of oil. I have also line the base with baking paper and then put basket on top so only have to throw out baking paper and a light weight. Only $100 from warehouse.

samanya, Jan 1, 11:54pm
I've got a Warehouse one as well & I use it for pretty much the same things.
The only thing is that it's a bit on the small side if one was cooking for more than two people . I know you can get larger ones.
They are easy to clean, don't take up a lot of space & imo well worth it.

maximus44, Nov 8, 4:41pm
My sister-in-law bought one very recently and is very pleased with it. $86 from Briscoes.

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