Cooking steak

sticky232, Nov 25, 5:28am
Haven't got enough worchestire sauce to put on it so what can I use instead

sherrydog, Nov 25, 5:45am
Relish, tomato sauce, if any mushrooms around, make some gravy or have even used pesto.

rainrain1, Nov 25, 5:52am
Scrape the pan juices out with butter and crushed garlic and pour that over

sarahb5, Dec 2, 3:11am
Mustard, horseradish, blue cheese, aioli - I love Worcestershire sauce but have never put it on steak

pure.blonde, Nov 28, 9:02am
I like to have a nice lettuce salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar with my steak - delish!

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