Lamb joint question

dlmckay, Jun 26, 8:13am
I want to do this recipe for a group of friends at the weekend. I have mini rump joints in the freezer - can I use them instead of the shoulder specified?

davidt4, Jun 26, 8:21am
I don’t think rumps would work well, they are lean and close textured, whereas shoulder is full of luscious connective tissue and fat. Slow cooked rumps would end up dry and crumbly. It would be better to find a recipe that uses rumps.

rainrain1, Jun 26, 7:21pm
I'd be inclined to give it a go though

pickles7, Jun 26, 8:09pm
I am thinking like . davidt4. on this one.

petal1955, Jun 26, 8:47pm
Rolls her yes !

petal1955, Jun 26, 8:47pm
Rolls her eyes !

smallwoods, Jun 26, 8:59pm
Use a heat probe and you should have no problem.
May need less time cooking.

blueviking, Jun 26, 11:50pm
Don't waste lamb rump like this.Use a shoulder like it says, so you get the flavour of the bones & fat coming through. Lamb at most places atm is around $11kg. In fact I might just go and buy a shoulder so I can try this recipe.

blueviking, Jun 26, 11:55pm
If you go back to the webpage and click on, cooking methods and then slow cook, they explain why you shouldn't use lean cuts for slow cooking

rainrain1, Jun 27, 12:11am
Are you rolling my eyes or your own . would you not give that a go? So how would you ever know if it would work or not?

bella95, Jun 27, 12:50am
I'm with david and the others on this l think it would be tough.
If you're really keen to use the recipe, perhaps you could brown the rumps, put them back in the fridge, prepare the sauce as directed and simmer it for a few hours or put it in the slow cooker, then roast the meat and use the sauce.
I do think as blue said you'd be better to save the rumps and buy a leg.

petal1955, Jun 27, 6:16am
Well if you know anything about cooking which I beginnin gto doubt. slow cooking is for tougher cuts of meat. refere to David4 post.

what you are suggesting is like cooking a eye fillet of beef (the most tender) for a long time till its pulp. I suggest you read up on your facts before opening your mouth

rainrain1, Jun 27, 7:49am
I wasn't suggesting it would be the best meat to use, it's only chunks cut off the back leg anyway. It would be worth a try if the person had nothing else to use, I would give it a go if need be, besides no parts of a lamb should be tough if reared properly, the whole animal should melt in your mouth. Sleep tight and watch the bed bugs!

dlmckay, Jun 27, 8:18am
Yeh, I'm going to save the rumps for something else. I've bought a leg of pork and I'm doing a pulled pork instead - safer ground with something I already know :) Thanks for the advice!

rainrain1, Jun 27, 8:35am
Enjoy, no matter what you do. I'm going to have a go at that recipe as well, I already have the shoulder defrosting, as I have no rump,,,. dam!

strathview, Jun 27, 7:58pm
I'm going to cook it with a piece of hind leg. But then I have home killed lamb and it is always tender.

smallwoods, Jun 28, 9:28am
LOL, not all rump will be in steak form.
Cooked plenty of rump slow and long, with out it getting dry.
Whole rump is best for big crowds, on the spit and I converse with the people.
They like to gather around each lid opening when I baste the meat.

bella95, Aug 14, 1:00am
Where did you say you lived?

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