Potato Apple Salad.made in advance?

cap, Dec 22, 9:49pm
My daughter wants to make a salad like this one http://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/potato-apple-and-celery-salad-44522 . We've never made it before and I'm wondering if it can be made the day before? With a normal potato salad I would but with the addition of apples I'm unsure. Thanks.

unknowndisorder, Dec 22, 10:20pm
I always add apples to my potato salad, but make it on the day. Thinking about it, it is nicer the next day, and can't recall anything wrong with the apples.

If overly worried about it, put the apples in on the day :)

ENjoy Xmas :)

cap, Nov 14, 5:40pm
Thanks. Good idea. Merry Christmas.

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