Frozen Beef

camac99, Jun 14, 10:34am
Found a large rolled rib of beef (top quality, home kill), in the bottom of the Freezer. Been there 5+ years. Given Capt Scott's stuff seemed to survive almost 100 years in Antarctica, what are my risks

davidt4, Jun 14, 11:16am
I don’t think you need to worry about health risks as long as it has been continuously frozen. The meat could be freezer burnt or slightly toughened. Probably best to pot roast it until very well done and tender.

lythande1, Jun 14, 8:22pm
Agree with Davidt4

articferrit, Jun 14, 9:06pm
I did this recently, Get it out of the freezer and give it a good rinse under the cold tap first, you can see the freezer burnt bits easily and, if it is, cut them off before you defrost it, if it isnt freezer burnt too much eat it. Sometimes if it is freezer burnt it makes it taste weird and its not worth the effort of trying to resurrect it. Id pot roast or cook it in an oven bag too.

rainrain1, Aug 28, 9:08am
I'd be a bit wary of the taste after that long in the freezer. but it's worth a try, as it would be a shame to throw it out never knowing.

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