Paper baking cases - NZ sellers

nzrose7, Feb 28, 12:05am
Is it just me or have the NZ based sellers vanished in the wake of the OZ and UK sellers of baking papers. Only other options are Spotlight, etc.

deendon1, Feb 28, 1:50am
the NZ sellers of everything are disappearing there is so much rubbish on this site now.

The inefficiency in sending paper baking cases in 10's and 20's from the Uk to here is mind boggling.

Having said that I have 2 unopened packs I'm not going to use I might list them later!

rss9, Feb 28, 2:44am
hi. I've started buying muffin cups from China, free post and @ 200 a time
Great service

punkinthefirst, Feb 28, 6:21am
Unless you want special ones, why not buy them at your local supermarket?

sellontrademe, Oct 18, 11:53am
Ive got a few listed, but you are correct there aren't that many sold by nz sellers