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lythande1, Aug 12, 1:54am
Got a sausage machine so I have made sausies for the first time today.
Bratwursts. they were expensive to buy so thought how hard can it be.
Not very at all.
And it's fun, granddaughter been helping.

samanya, Aug 12, 2:08am
I love the stuffing part . very satisfying.

paora-tm, Aug 13, 7:13am
Keep meaning to take our older Kenwood in for an overhaul so I can use the mincer/sausage maker to make sausages out of meat I recognise!. Sausages are a ridiculous price considering what they probably contain.

socram, Aug 14, 5:31am
Didn't they used to be a cheap substitute for real meat or whole meat?

Certainly not now.

Should be much heathier making your own as they won't contain preservatives. Never had a go, so where do you buy the casing?

samanya, Aug 14, 6:27am
I get mine from the local 'home kill' processing plant. (they kill on site & take the stock away to make into whatever.
Pork intestine I think . they keep for ages in the fridge as they are packed in salt. They are sold by weight & cost very little, about $16 for enough to last a lifetime for a home sausage maker.

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