genpat, Apr 30, 1:50am
I have lots and wondered about freezing some? Does anyone freeze them whole or do I have to peel them and scoop out the flesh?Thank you.

fey, Apr 30, 1:55am
I scoop out the flesh and freeze them in bags in 250g lots.
I've never done them whole but in my head they would thaw mushy and hard to handle.

lilyfield, Apr 30, 2:13am
I freeze them whole because I eat the peel, be it in cakes or smoothies or roughly chopped on ice cream, porridge or added to muesi

deepdave, Apr 30, 9:44am
Thanks,interesting never thought of using the peel.Awful weather here so have not been out picking them up today but have bags full to freeze so will get into tomorrow.

katalin2, May 1, 2:10am
I freeze them in the small snack size gladbags. Great for muffins, smoothies and the grandchildren just eat them by bthe bowlfull thawed out- they ask for them all year. They are not all that mushy btw.

genpat, Sep 28, 11:41am
Thanks. I am determined not to waste them.Adult kids take them to work but say nobodys wants them and they just sit there.So in the freezer they will go.I love being able to just throw them in with other fruit for crumbles and puddings.