Diabetic lemon marmalade

glynsmum, Jan 4, 3:44am
was given a bucket of lemons,so thought I'd make me a marmalade i can eat (type2) it was made with gelatine taste good but being made with gelatine,sets like a jelly so wont spread out of fridge turns liquid.Anyone help with this,and the skin sank to the bottom. thanks anyone.

dalkemade, Jan 4, 6:32am
Hope you get a good answer. Having the lemons would make you want to give it a go. I dont like the diabetic commercial ones so now I use the ordinary ones and sparingly

valentino, Jan 4, 6:45am
I have played around with various recipes as I too have to watch my sugar levels with Diabetes being detected.

Found that Stevia is very good sweetener as is classified as a superfood item.
I recently made Marmalade with Home grown tangelos, no sugar but used stevia and also that jam setting item that you can get at supermarkets.

It came down to how big a batch to amount of this setting stuff.

I did a small batch at first to see how it went.

Today, after about 3 to 4 months is still well set, quite firm in texture yet soft enough to spread and that is being stored in cupboards and the fridge once opened.

Just be wary though, the sweetness is a little different sweet taste of sugar but really takes out that strong tardiness.

Hopes this Helps in overall thinking and your search to something that will work for you.

Happy New Year,


valentino, Jan 4, 7:03am
Oh, slightly off the topic but with lemons all the same, have you considered trying pickle lemons using Apple Cider Vinegar, a bit of Stevia and some hot water as if you are doing a batch of beetroot, can be used for and in various ways.


dalkemade, Jan 4, 7:11am
www.palmbeachpost.com/lifestyles/sugar-free-jam Onthat site they suggest using cornflour or arrowroot to thicken runny homemade sugar free jam

glynsmum, Jan 4, 7:55pm
Thanks valentino I'll give the stevia & jam setter a try, the beachpost didn't work,but thankyou for help.daikemade.

cleggyboy, Nov 7, 11:19am
Are you able to eat carrots I do one using lemons & grated carrot, but in my case I can use sugar.

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