Coffee maker cleaning

issymae, Nov 21, 2:56am
how to descale a de longi coffee machine-$10 delivery fee from nespresso-can't see anything in coffee place in supermarket
tried the citric acid idea ,orange light still operating

dfd1, Nov 21, 3:26am
Have you googled. even Pinterest might have something to recommend.

dreamers, Nov 21, 7:24pm
Have you tried Harvey Norman or even Farmers ?

gayle6, Nov 21, 8:22pm
i use white vinegar .

jonners2013, Nov 21, 8:37pm
Assuming you're in ChCh per your account info, go to Total Food Equipment down on Moorhouse near corner of Durham Street.

issymae, Nov 22, 5:01am
just done a descale with descaler from Harvey Norman-still orange light

unknowndisorder, Nov 22, 8:22am

issymae, Dec 1, 1:05pm
sorted, rang and talked me thru- holding button down after clean-not clear inst. in book

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