Made Thai Pumpkin Soup

rainrain1, Sep 6, 7:40pm
Family's going to complain, there is too much chilli for them and me, how to rectify the problem. it is too big a potful to waste WWYD?

petal1955, Sep 6, 7:43pm
Add more coconut cream. it helps defuse the chilli

rainrain1, Sep 6, 7:48pm
Ok. I will do, thanks much.

fruitbat, Sep 6, 8:16pm
Cook up some kumera or more pumpkin and whizz that into it.

rainrain1, Sep 6, 8:48pm
Might do both :-)

rainrain1, Sep 6, 9:04pm
I added another tin of coconut cream, some water, and a bit more brown sugar. it tastes way better, I won't bother to add more pumpkin, but thanks all the same.

sarahb5, Sep 7, 9:37am
You can also add potato to cool the chilli

rainrain1, Dec 28, 11:47am
Not for this recipe thanks

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